Symmes Inn Museum presents

The Office of Charles Symmes - Escape room

Come try to solve the mystery

Take the leap to the 19th century and come solve the mystery and escape the office of Charles Symmes before it's too late!

You have questions?

Several time slots available!

For all ages!

For groups of 2 to 4 people

$15 per person

Book your tickets for June through August

While visiting the Symmes Inn Museum, you and your friends decide to explore the Inn and the areas not accessible to the public. On the third floor, you come across a strange door that seems to lead to an attic. Nothing scares you so you enter the room. You discover what looks like a businessman's office from another era. Suddenly, the door closes violently behind you, no way to open it, it is locked. Your eyes quietly acclimatize to the subdued atmosphere of the room. The office is full of documents and unusual objects; perhaps these will be useful for your escape. Don't waste time, you must get out before it's too late!


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